Friday, January 23, 2009

Learning Chainmaille : Perfectly Shiny Rings

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I wanted to learn chainmaille for a long time, I have created so many beads that I think would go perfect with this art form. But with the economy as it is, I really couldn't afford another class at this time. So I started searching the Internet for a good beginner tutorial and information about beginner weaves. I came across a chainmaille supplier:
Bonnie Elliott owner of :


Bonnie makes beautiful hand sawed jumprings and her care and attention to details in her jumprings and chainmaille kits are simply divine. She was so helpful in giving me information on how many rings I would need and links for more good tutorial resources. I purchased her Byzantine Kit 16 gauge 4.5 and here is a picture of the bracelet I created it so dreamy . It did take some time to create this, I am still very slow at closing and opening the jumprings and not counting creating the beads to go with it. But my mother always told me good things come to those who are patient and I love the byzantine design so it was well worth the time it took. I am so very proud how it turned out so I ordered some more rings and started another one from Bonnie. And as before it came neatly packaged and the rings are cut perfectly so I just want to say thanks Bonnie for all the encouragement, information and perfectly shiny rings .


MailleEtc. said...

Lou, thank you so much for your kind words about my jump rings! I take great pride in them and I appreciate your acknowledgement. You've definitely made them shine by adding your beautiful lampwork beads - your work is simply stunning!

Bonnie :))

abbey753 said...

Thanks Bonnie , I will be ordering more rings soon. Lou