Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Afternoon Book Signing With The Glass Poet

At our February Penn Dragon meeting at Whale we were so lucky to meet Val Cox aka The Glass Poet. Val is a designer, glass artists and photographer and creator of colorful reactive frit combinations the most famous is Raku ( Reichnbacher's Iris Orange r - 108 ). Val visited with our little group to do a frit demonstration and talk about her new book : Frit Secrets a flame worker's guide to using reactive glass. Val's book is packed full of knowledge on how she started her quest in finding a brilliant ruby pink glass that doesn't turn gray under extreme heat. To testing hundreds of furnace glass to come up with color combinations to create beautiful lamp work beads from tiny pieces of crush glass. I can say I have read this book twice since her demo and each time I have learned something new. It reviews colors , glass forms , frit sizes, applications and trouble shooting certain colors and reactions. Yes I would recommend it too anyone who works with glass. Val is a gentle soft spoken artists who's love of color shows in everything she does from her bead making to her photography she is just so inspirational. I am taking a 2 day class with Val in March I am just so excited. I am hoping some of her skill and inspiration will rub off on me too. all the best Lou

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