Friday, February 20, 2009

Messy Glass Test #562 Ming Blue

Wale Apparatus Company manufactures and distributes the finest selection of glass, tools, supplies and equipment, it is a lamp workers heaven. And they have sponsored our Penn Dragon ISGB group since our beginning in 2006. Well the guys at Whale ask us to help in a tester program, each month they will give us a rod of glass to test. Each artists takes it home and virtually gets to play with it. We then fill out a sheet to find how workable the glass is and learn the different reactions the glass might have under different variables ( Neutral flame , reduction flame and Oxidizing flame. What type of torch we used, bottle O2 or Concentrator , Kiln setting and finally what our likes about the glass and also our dislikes. Through this program we hope to find new exciting color reactions and color combinations and improve the workability of the glass. These results are then documented and compared with each member of the group. I really enjoy this because it is amazing how many different color combinations and inspirations comes in seeing different artist use the exact same rod of glass. So for February we received ( CIM #562) Ming Blue Coe 104. It was very easy to melt and very compatible to other 104 coe . The hue reminds me of Effetre Lapis blue but I still felt that Effetre seems to me to be much more intense and shiner coming out of the kiln. But I did not get as much bubbling with CIM as I did with Effetre.
I posted a couple of pictures of my test beads and hope you enjoy them . I also added link to Whale's Internet site so you can also check out Whale's great Blow Out Sale going on right now . My only other tip is to alway clean your glass rods before melting it will it make your beads shine more and the glass to melt easier. Lou

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